Pull Rules

Tractor and Truck Pull Rules

(Flyer and Registration on Sidebar)


1. First hook of class may drop to last
2. One hook per class–no multiple drivers
3. All pulls start with a chain tight-no jerking sled
4. Anyone deemed unsafe will be disqualified
5. 50 foot restart for tractors
6. 100 foot restart for trucks
7. Officials decisions are final
8. Starting under red flag will result in DISQUALIFICATION
9. All weights must be secure
10. No Hot Rodding before or after unhooking
11. No alcohol in staging area


1. All general rules apply
2. Drawbar height is 20 inches from hook point
3. Tractors without wheelie bars will be DISQUALIFIED, if front end is higher than 24 inches
4. Track officials’ decisions are FINAL
5. One hook per class
6. Tractors are not allowed to pull in Trophy and Payback. Must pick on or the other


1. All general rules apply
2. Drawbar height is 26 inches from hook point
3. Trucks must provide own hitch or clevis with minimum of 3.5 inch hole
4. Front weights allowed-maximum 60 inches from center of front differential